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Succulent Secrets!

Guilty of loving your succulents till they’re wilty (or worse)? You’re in good company.

Luckily there are some easy tips out there to help you help your little ones thrive. Here are a few lesser-known ones we gathered from around the web.

Secret #1

Opt for the greenest varieties for indoors--purple and orange varieties do best outdoors. The greener, the easier they’ll thrive inside, so avoid shades of grey and blue if you’re having trouble or just getting started.

Secret #2

Spray the roots, not the plant itself. Set your nozzle to stream and aim at the base of the plant, on top of the dirt or rock. Water on a 10-14 day cycle, depending on sun access and the depth of your container.

Secret #3

Use an unglazed pot, which helps with drainage. Also, of course, make sure your potting mix is appropriate (quick draining soils) and that you're repotting as the plant grows.

Secret #4

Grow another succulent from one that’s doing well by plucking a stem and letting it dry out in the shade before replanting. It’s called ‘healing’ and helps prevent rot.

These tips were pulled from the following expert advice, follow these links for more!

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