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Turning Arrows To Flowers

Intention has been a dream of mine for over a decade. When you've carried a dream for that long, it can be difficult to make it materialize in the way you envisioned, especially when you're hiring people to help turn that vision into a reality.

I've struggled from the beginning to identify an object as a logo that was simple, beautiful and memorable. One that would stand the test of time as Intention evolves and truly mean something.

I tend to read a lot of Buddhism-inspired works by writers like Pema Chodron, Tara Brach, and Lodro Rinzler. At some point through the years I encountered a story about Buddha that has always stayed with me:

Buddha sat under a Bodhi tree meditating. He was close to attaining enlightenment, and Mara, a demon and tempter, began to shoot arrows at him to distract him. Through his practiced awareness, Buddha was able to turn those arrows into flowers.

I don't think I've ever encountered such a beautiful metaphor as that of an arrow becoming a flower and gently wafting to the ground at Buddha's feet. I've carried this story with me for years, because it reminds me that shifting my perspective can often change something negative or even traumatic into blessing and beauty. We always have the choice to change life's arrows into flowers, no matter what they are. I believe that with all of my being.

Living every day with intention is the inspiration behind everything I make--every mist and scent combo was researched and put together according to its aromatherapeutic properties and emotional energy to help support a variety of intentions. By making them part of your daily routine, I'm hoping they make it easier to infuse your day with a little extra mindfulness.

Crystal healing and plant powers and aromatherapy aside, I think that just having a beautiful bottle of space mist with the word Sacred or Renewal printed on it... or a piece of rose quartz that you come across in your handbag that reminds you of compassion and unconditional love... is enough to bring you back to the moment and your intention.

It was a 'duh' moment when I finally realized this beautiful metaphor I've held onto for so long was the perfect representation of living intentionally and with awareness. It's just what I was looking for in the logo representation of the brand.

Michelle McRory Design helped bring this vision to life for me through a really fun and thoughtful process. She's also the designer behind the Live Botanical line, which is a brand I adore and am constantly inspired by. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and am so happy to officially share it with you.

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Intention crafts botanically based skincare and bath and body care using the finest ingredients, opting for organic or culinary grade ingredients whenever possible. Each small batch is handcrafted in the southern Adirondacks. 

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