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Mind, Body, Business + Mom Life: A Chat With Author & Wellness Expert Randi Zinn

To say I'm a little in awe of Randi Zinn is an understatement. Her list of credentials reads something like this: Yoga Instructor. Author. Mindfulness & wellness expert. Athleta ambassador. Founder of a thriving community focused on self-care and self-love.

Oh yeah, and one more - mom.

She's a case-in-point when it comes to proving that being a mom, an entrepreneur, an athlete, a creative, a community leader, etc. etc. are not mutually exclusive.

Born from her own experience of motherhood, Beyond Mom is a community and a movement of women who are embracing the gifts of motherhood while also expressing who they are as individuals. It's about women supporting each other as they parent, pursue passions, career ambitions and self-care. [Side note: Speaking of self-care, join up with them on June 3rd for the Beyond Mom Urban Retreat at Space by Mama Medicine in Soho--attendees will enjoy a day of movement, healing, growth, an organic lunch from Provenance Meals and a special gift from Intention Botanicals.]

We were able to snag a few minutes with Randi, whose recently released book Going Beyond Mom: How To Activate Your Mind, Body & Business After Baby is an inspiring read, full of insight - just like her answers below.

Tell us a little bit about your life as a mom, author and community leader.

I’m a mom of a six year old boy (currently in first grade) and a two year old girl (starting preschool in the fall). I’m a flexible working mom - meaning I’m building my company, involved in my family’s businesses, my husband’s business…and in the flow of my kid’s daily life. I couldn’t do it without caregiver support but it seems to be the way I actively get to touch the different parts of my life with engagement and meaning.

Your book is Going Beyond Mom: How To Activate Your Mind, Body and Business After Baby. What makes mind, body and business the trifecta of fulfillment?

I think fulfillment starts with feeling grounded, otherwise we are metaphorically and literally, “up in the air.” As a mom, our body takes the brunt of change so in order to move forward we need to rediscover and strengthen again whatever has become weak. Working with our body also informs what we are capable of mentally and spiritually. From my angle, it’s the place to start. Mind is integral to fulfillment. We need to be able to focus, manage our emotional state, and put our challenges into perspective. Business? From my research, many women desire a change in terms of how they find their productivity and utilize their mind, education, and more. Often they want flexibility to be with their kids and usually they want to be part of something that gives meaning to their time. For most of the women I speak to, those that are engaging their minds, their bodies and their businesses have achieved some version of fulfillment- which to me means that most of the time, you are where you want to be.

In what ways do you feel women transform after becoming mothers?

I feel most women transform because they feel such massive love and because they realize how much more they are capable of. Love plus confidence equals massive potential.

What do you think are the most important things new moms can do for themselves?

Carve out time to cultivate the woman inside the mom. Our culture tells us that mom must put everyone else first and that our individuality becomes lower and lower on the totem pole. If we can grab several hours a week to cultivate our individuality - whether its our body strength, our budding ideas, our relationships with our girlfriends, we come back to our family a more whole person, which makes us ultimately, a better mom.

What does self-care mean to you, and how do you make sure it's part of your daily life?

Self- care is a constant inquiry for me. What will make me feel most whole, most grounded, most present today? What will allow me to stay focused and happy this week? I consider all parts of me in the equation - my body, my thoughts, my anxiety level. I’ve also really noticed that self-care has a lot to do with the intention behind it. A manicure is great. But sometimes lighting a candle and filling the bath does more for me because I’m giving this gift of time to myself. I’m anointing myself in a certain kind of way, with a specific attention to my needs. There’s something powerful about that.

Do you feel like there’s a correlation between pregnancy and motherhood and birthing a business, or art, or other ideas? Do you feel it's an especially fertile time for creativity too?

There’s definitely a correlation. When I studied yoga philosophy I learned that the second chakra (the area of your lower belly and where the uterus lives), is the energetic home of not only sexuality and birth, but also creativity and ideation. That made total sense to me. We go through a process to conceive, grow and birth a child and if you think about it, the process and emotions are so similar to conceiving, developing and birthing an idea. When we do one, we become more confident and able to do the other. I do feel early motherhood is a very fertile time for ideas because our confidence is building and our heart is wide open - again a great recipe for productivity!

A line in your book says: “Because when a deep part of ourselves is satisfied, we are like a vehicle that has been fueled. Suddenly we have more energy to give to others.” I love that so much. What else do you have to say to moms who feel guilt or pressure to not pursue things beyond their home life?

I would say to trust that your children will love you most when you are the happiest form of yourself. If there’s something in you that is aching to be expressed, the version of you who will be born with that expression is a most amazing version. Your kids will love her! I also remind myself that my kids are dynamic individuals who will thrive in the midst of many relationships: their dad, their caregivers, teachers, friends, community and more. It’s not all about me and it never should be.

What are you most excited about in regards to your June 3 event at Space by Mama Medicine? What made you choose that space for your retreat?

I am in awe of Deborah and her creation, Space by Mama Medicine. In a space in the middle of NYC, she has created peace, beauty and healing. I knew I wanted Beyond Mom to be part of it. I continue to create retreats for moms because despite a culture that tells us otherwise, women need space, community, and healing to hear their own inner wisdom and access their authenticity. Moms are the groups hardest on themselves and they need safe space to let go. This retreat will be peaceful and joyful. I can’t wait to see how our attendees are positively effected and so honored to have Intention Botanicals provide a gorgeous (and deserved) gift to our mamas!

Interested in joining Beyond Mom's Urban Retreat on 6/3/18? Grab tickets and more info here.

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