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Crystal Rx! With Stacey Sucoff, Reiki Master + Certified Crystal Healer

When it comes to crystal healing, there are certain stones that are go-tos for specific situations. We tapped the expertise of reiki master and certified crystal healer Stacey Sucoff to find out her recommendations for these seven common scenarios. Take a read and pencil in some time for a trip to your local gem shop!


It can take a lot of time for the heart to heal and let go. If you're having trouble moving on, it turns out the same crystal that can help attract love is the one that will help you heal when the relationship has ended.

"Rose Quartz is the ultimate love stone," says Stacey. "Rose quartz helps to release stress and resentment, clearing the way for hope."

She also recommends adding Smoky Quartz and Chrysocolla to your rotation.

"Smoky Quartz after the breakup will remove the stress and establish a feeling of peace," she says. "Also, wearing Chrysocolla will give you the power to make peace with all past experiences, especially toxic relationships."


According to Stacey, this one's simple -- "Rose Quartz will help inspire all kinds of love and gratitude," she says.

(We also love citrine for joy here at Intention Botanicals, the cheery yellow is like sunshine in your pocket and helps encourage positivity. Plus, it's one of the few stones that never needs to be cleansed!)


When you're in need of a lift and want to skip the caffeine, think anything red.

"When you’re experiencing a low emotional state, you need more red crystals in your life!" Stacey says. "One that I have been working a lot with is Moroccan Red Quartz. Wear, carry, or place red crystals in your office or home to boost the positive energies that are present and increase your physical strength and vitality."


Maybe you work in a toxic environment and overhear a ton of negative talk at your desk, or worse -- you have it directed at you by a boss, family member or stranger. You need some Shungite, Black Tourmaline or Hematite.

"Holding Shungite can keep any negative vibes away," Stacey advises. "Also, Black Tourmaline and Hematite are excellent for protection! Place a piece of Tourmaline or Hematite at the entryway to your house to leave out the negativity."

Hematite is also great if you're the one who happens to be creating the negative vibe -- it can help absorb some of that funk and get you back on the path to your true self.


We've all hit a creative rut. If you have writer's block or are a creative professional and you've hit a wall, head out for some carnelian and labradorite.

"Carnelian is the best crystal for creativity," Stacey says. "Meditate with Carnelian or rest it on your sacral chakra. Journaling also enhances creativity by boosting your imagination. Labradorite calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination, bringing in new ideas."


Whether you're nervous about a job interview, public speaking or are suffering from a little lack of self esteem, crystals can help. Whatever the case, some tiger's eye, carnelian and pyrite might work wonders.

"Tiger’s Eye has always been my go-to crystal for confidence boosting Also, Carnelian is perfect to work with for boosting confidence and raising your self worth," says Stacey. "Carry these stones in your purse or pocket. If you carry a Pyrite stone on you it can help you when you are indecisive about something by boosting your self confidence."


Being overstimulated is unfortunately par for the course these days. In addition to other stress-relieving practices like yoga and meditation, a little bit of lepidolite could be the crystal equivalent of a long exhale.

"Lepidolite is one of my favorites," says Stacey."It is a lithium-based form of Mica and is known as the 'prozac' stone! I think everyone can benefit from this stone. Lepidolite will remind you to release anxiety and take time to rest."

Wondering how to incorporate these stones into your life? "My favorite self care rituals that include crystals are meditation and baths," Stacey says. "I always include a crystal during my meditation practice. I choose a crystal based on my mood and intention for that meditation, so if my intention is to add more subscribers to my Bella Soul box, I will grab a piece of citrine."

Oh yeah, did we mention Stacey is also the curator behind the gorgeous Bella Soul Box? It's a subscription box with a mission to raise your vibe and change your life. Crystals play an important role in the boxes, as do other specially chosen selfcare goodies. "The crystals serve as a physical reminder to take time for yourself and live a calmer, more peaceful, in-the-moment kind of life," Stacey says.

Check out her boxes on Instagram @bellasoulbox and on the web.

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