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Many Moons: Artist Katelyn Morse Waxes Poetic About Lunar Love + Life

If not her face, you're sure to recognize her artwork (you're probably one of her 40k+ followers on Instagram, or at least have seen a regram of it). I fell in love with Katelyn Morse's beautiful pink moon phases, soft silvery-emerald evergreens and colorful, geometric crystals many months ago as they filled my feed. It turns out she's even more charming than her cute cactus paintings!

A Nova Scotia native, Katelyn lives in the same town she grew up in, surrounded by nature in rural farmland near the shore. This abundant nature and the idea of beauty in simplicity serves as endless inspiration for all her artwork. I'll let her take it from here.

What inspires you?

I am wholeheartedly inspired by nature and the beauty, wisdom, and healing it holds. I am also inspired by the goodness in this world and the hope and faith that we hold to make the world a better place. Every little thing counts. Every ounce of kindness or beauty you can create is important!

Your work is almost totally nature-centric. What's your relationship with nature like and how did that evolve?

I am in love with nature! I’ve always been this way, outdoorsy and such. I think in the past few years though, since I’ve became a full time artist, I’ve really started observing every little bit of nature and appreciating it’s beauty and intricacy and healing properties. The shape of a distant treeline, the way the light melts on the meadow at dusk and dawn, taking a closer look at the “weeds” in the fields. Noticing more, appreciating more, caring more. I recently planted some milkweed in hopes to encourage the monarch butterflies survival rate. There is so much we can do to lessen our environmental impact and I’m caring more and more about that as the years go on. The earth is so good to us and we need to be good to her too!

I also love what [moons] can represent. Finding beauty in every phase of your life whether it be full or empty. -Katelyn Morse

The moon takes center stage in so much of your work. What inspires you about the moon again and again?

I think the reason that I can paint the moon over and over is because we have no idea how many moons are out there, and this absolutely fascinates me. Moons are so mysterious and breathtaking and beautiful. I like to think that since there are millions of moons out there, there must be one in every color of the rainbow. So I can never paint too many. They are also much freer for me to paint, since I’m not referencing a photo of a landscape or flower, I can let the paint go where I want it or choose colour combos that I am inspired by and imagine moons that may be out there somewhere. So fun. I also love what they can represent. Finding beauty in every phase of your life whether it be full or empty.

You also paint crystals! What are a couple of your favorite crystals?

I love blue topaz, rose quarts, and especially amethyst. We have a beach nearby called Amethyst Cove and as the cliff erodes each year there are new little bits of amethyst to be discovered. It’s so special. I found my first piece on my 25th birthday and I treasure it!

What's your studio or workspace like?

It’s evolved over the years, starting as a desk in my bedroom, to a desk in my living room, to now in our current apartment, a tiny room of its own! I try to keep it organized but with all my packing supplies and hoarding of all the paints, it can get chaotic on busy shipping days to be honest! On the plus side, I do fill it with crystals and plant life, dried bits of foliage I’ve found on my walks, ect to make it feel more calm and earthy. Candles are also a necessity in my studio. I’de love to have a studio with a big window wall someday.

If you weren't an artist, what else could you see yourself doing?

Perhaps I’de own a glorious garden with a cute little tea house that folks could come and enjoy. That would be lovely.

What music is on your painting playlist?

I’m currently loving ukulele instrumentals or forest/bird sounds!

What gets you fired up creatively?

Coming home from the garden centre with fresh inspiration or getting together with a friend who likes to paint is always a good creativity spark!

Who inspires you?

My mom. She is so hardworking, but enjoys her rest to the fullest. She's full of kindness and support, knows balance, peace. Appreciates every little thing.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

I think it all boils down to love. Any advice given to me about loving well, loving yourself, loving others. When you fill your heart with love, everything else will flow from that.

Do you have any other outlets for creative expression?

I love to craft! I’m a big DIY lover. Whether its working with clay, yarn, fabric, ect. I love it all. Interior decorating is fun for me too. Baking is also a great time.

What do you enjoy in your downtime?

I love my peaceful moments, to sit on the deck in the sun with a warm cup of something and listen to the birds sing. I also love to wander through my local garden centre and smell the blooms and watch the bees buzz. Short walks in the woods, or a quick trip to the ocean is always wonderful too.

Do you have a daily ritual?

Snuggling my kitties in bed every morning and waking up slowly. Always coffee asap after my feet hit the floor.

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