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Thoughtful Finds For Your Yoga Friends, Straight From The Yogis

The best part of the holidays? The look on the face of someone you love as they unwrap a truly thoughtful gift. I LOVE giving gifts. I spend hours every season combing through online shops and boutiques in town waiting to get that 'aha' feeling when I spot something and know just who to get it for. But let's face it — that feeling can be elusive, and it's no fun when you're down to the wire on time.

I thought it would be fun to poll a few yogis and see what topped their gift giving list and see if anything inspired you. Each yogi had free rein to suggest any gift they wanted — I just asked that it be something truly from their heart. I couldn't believe how many recommended books! But then again, it makes perfect sense. Who wouldn't want to share words of wisdom that have changed their life? Is there a more powerful gift than that? Check out their ideas, then scroll down for a few from Intention. Let me know if you've been inspired from any on this list or have other ideas to share!

Erin Ward

Venice, California


Gift: The Wise Heart: A Guide To The Universal Teachings Of Buddhist Psychology by Jack Kornfield

Why: This book changed my life and continued to support me every time I flip it open. It's seeping with wisdom for any time in your life and connects us in a warm hug type of way to something bigger.

Kat Cynewski

Portland, Maine


Gift: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Why: This book is truly amazing for anyone in any walk of life! It’s funny, real and relatable and inspires you to chase what you love and tackle all your fears. I think we can all use a little push towards our creativity and passions.

Chelisa Philbrick

Southern California


Gift: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Why: I’m a huge book nerd, I love reading anything and everything, from biographies to cookbooks. But this book is true women’s empowerment, women supporting women — which we as women need more of. I feel like we all get caught in this rate race of competition when what we need to do is build our own sleves up so that we see other women as women just like us, walking the same life hurdles, all the while we stand on the sidelines cheering other women on. This book is a great read, down to earth author who uplifts and encourages women.

Lindze Braff

Ventura, California


Gift: Apple Watch or The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche

Why: The Apple Watch has a really cool breathing app to help you remember to pause and breathe and my favorite is the moon phase tracking app called Delux Moon. The book The Radiance Sutras is a translation of Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. It is my most favorite book on earth.

Laura Large

United Kingdom


Gift: Liforme yoga mat

Why: Simply the best yoga mat on the market. It’s super grippy, has helpful alignment marks, plenty of cushioning and plenty of colors to choose from. I’ve tried so many yoga mats and this one is the only brand I’ll practice on now!

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Anja Humljan


Gift: The Urban Yoga book by Anja Humljan

Why: The Urban Yoga book helps us fully understand our inner nature as well as our outer nature – the urban environment that we live in. The Urban Yoga strives towards making you a well-rounded person. All the greatest personalities in our history were not only content businessmen, scientists, artists, teachers, parents, designers, architect or leaders, but were first and foremost human. We as humans are social beings and to be happy and successful in life we have to be in touch both with ourselves and with our environment.

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Editor's note: Also check out Anja's beautiful art prints, available on her site. They'd make a gorgeous gift.


You'll never go wrong with the gift of selfcare. Here are a few of my favorite products to stuff stockings.

Aromatherapy Perfume Rollers, $30

All natural scents in a sheer carrier oil.

Stars Align: Peace, stillness and wisdom from above. A warming blend of clove, ylang ylang, orange and elemi.

Seeker: For the curious and compassionate. A sparkling blend of rose, lemon, cardamom and vanilla-like benzoin.

Esoterra: Where the esoteric meets terra firma. Soul-cleansing palo santo blends with uplifting palmarosa and sweet orange.

Crystal Bath Balls, $12

Skin softening organic coconut oil and soothing epsom salts make these a nourishing treat. The bonus: essential oil blends and embedded crystals that inspire and support certain intentions. Also, they're already boxed and ready to wrap!

Rose Quartz Neroli Rose

Amethyst Lavener

Citrine Blood Orange

Rose Quartz Red Clay

Smokey Quartz Spirulina

Mini Crystal Ritual Bath, $15

This sweet little set includes a packet of rose petal and pure pink Himalayan salt bath soak, a muslin steeping pouch, and three crystals - rose quartz, citrine and amethyst.

Face Mask & Facial Steam Set, $32

Your choice of one of three masks (we recommend the SILKEN coconut milk + chia mask or BLOSSOM lavender + hibiscus, as they're suitable for a wide range of skin types when gifting), a jar of IN FLOWER facial steam and a wrapped quartz crystal in a kraft box.

Thanks so much to all the yogis who took their time to share their gift ideas. Wishing you all a warm and happy holiday.

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