Purify, hydrate & impart the botanical powers of a beautifying blend of dried flowers. This steam will open pores and enhance the use of masks or moisturizers immediately following use. The jar is packed tightly and should be enough for 2-3 steams if used according to recommendation below. 

Blend includes: rose petals, organic immortelle (helichrysum), chamomile, jasmine and cornflower. 

Packaged in a 2 oz volume glass jar with metal lid. Net weight is .2 oz, tightly packed.


This steam is a perfect way to open pores and prep your skin for a face mask treatment. It comes as a gift set with any of our three face masks. We also recommend reserving some of the water the flowers have steeped in to hydrate your dry masks (use it immediately, or store for a day or two in the fridge). 



IN FLOWER Botanical Facial Steam

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  • To use: Carefully add steaming water & 2 tbsp of botanicals to bowl or sink. Position face comfortably above steam, drape towel over head & breathe deeply. Steam 10 minutes, follow with mask or moisturizer.

  • Blend includes: rose petals, organic immortelle (helichrysum), chamomile,  jasmine and cornflower. 

Intention crafts botanically based skincare and bath and body care using the finest ingredients, opting for organic or culinary grade ingredients whenever possible. Each small batch is handcrafted in the southern Adirondacks. 

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