All the essentials you need for a relaxing, spirit nourishing soak.


This reusable 2.5" tin includes a packet of rose petal and pure pink Himalayan salt bath soak, a muslin steeping pouch, and three crystals - rose quartz, citrine and amethyst. Customize your bath by choosing which crystals support intentions you want to focus on, or use them all. 


Crystals + Intention
Rose Quartz: supports universal love, compassion and self-care.
Citrine: supports happiness, manifestation and positivity.
Amethyst: supports spiritual connection, attuning to a high vibration and intuition.

Personalize your bath by adding your own essential oils to the salt soak before placing it in the muslin pouch (we recommend about 3-4 drops, but use your discretion and preference) and swirling through the warm water. Many essential oils have energetic qualities that will enhance your reflection and focus on an intention, particularly when paired with a complementary crystal. 


Note: You can also sprinkle the petals and salt directly into the water to allow the petals to float freely in the bathwater. The pouch is an easy way to keep clean up minimal, as you want to avoid washing the petals down the drain. 

Mini Crystal Ritual Bath

  • Rose petals, Himalayan pink salt, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine. Muslin steeping pouch and reusable tin. 

Intention crafts botanically based skincare and bath and body care using the finest ingredients, opting for organic or culinary grade ingredients whenever possible. Each small batch is handcrafted in the southern Adirondacks. 

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