This set includes two Palo Santo incense sticks, a clear quartz point, and an informational card. Palo Santo is a fragrant wood that's been used in sacred ceremony since the time of the Incas. Similar to white sage, its smoke is believed to purify spaces, energy and also crystals, which can pick up energy from their surroundings and from those who they come in contact with. Clear quartz is a master stone, capable of amplifying the powers of stones placed near it and also capable of cleansing the energy of those stones. 




Crystal purification ritual: 

Carefully light one stick of palo santo until it smolders orange. Blow out the flame and allow smoke to billow around any crystals that need to be cleansed and recharged. After bathing crystals in smoke, place those stones on top of or in a dish with the clear quartz point overnight. For additional cleansing, leave the dish in direct moonlight during a full moon. 


Self-care purification ritual: 

You can also use this set during a ritual bath to cleanse your own energy. We recommend drawing your bath and while the water fills the tub, carefully light one stick of palo santo until it smolders orange. Blow out the flame, and gently waft the smoke over your body from head to toe before stepping in the tub. This is a wonderful time to repeat a mantra or declare an intention. Amplify the power of the cleansing and whatever intentions you set by holding the clear quartz to your heart or third eye as you soak. Add flowers, salts and essential oils that further support your intentions. 


Special safety notes: Palo santo should only be burned by an adult in an appropriate setting. Use caution when lighting, and always make sure the stick is fully extinguished and placed on a fireproof surface.

Palo Santo + Quartz Cleansing Bundle


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