Purify both body and spirit with this ritual bath kit, packed with all the essential tools you'll need for a cleansing soak. The Sacred Smudge set is inspired by palo santo, a fragrant wood used in ceremony for centuries to eliminate negativity and cleanse. 


- a selenite wand to cleanse your crystal collection (and your own vibe too)

- raw black tourmaline to ground and remove negativity

- two intoxicating palo santo incense sticks for smudging

- Sacred Smoke Bath Salts 

- In Flower Botanical Facial Steam

- A tall, reusable glass jar


Please note: Selenite and black tourmaline should not be submerged in water. Keep them near and sweep over yourself a few inches from your body, or hold in your (dry) hand during or after your bath. 

Sacred Smudge Ritual Bath

  • Sacred Smudge Bath Salts (1 oz): dead sea salt, himalayan salt, epsom salt, dendritic salt, sodium bicarbonate, rose petal, cornflower, sweet orange oil*, palo santo oil, palmarosa oil*. *organic


    In Flower Facial Steam (2 g): rose (rosa centifolia) petal, immortelle (helichrysum stoechas) flower*, matricaria recutita (chamomile) flower*, jasminum officinale (jasmine) flower **, centaurea cyanus (cornflower) flower* *organic **culinary grade

  • Draw bath. Light incense stick and burn until glowing, carefully blow out flame and waft smoke over tub and self. Sprinkle half to whole tube of  salts and swirl to diffuse. Hold crystals in palm as you focus on an intention. Step into water and line crystals along side of tub while you soak. Follow with facial steam; add steaming water to a bowl or sink filled with flowers. Drape towel over head to create tent to contain steam. 


    Warning: Use caution when burning palo santo. Place in a fire-safe incense holder when setting down. Do not submerge the crystals included in this set. 

Intention crafts botanically based skincare and bath and body care using the finest ingredients, opting for organic or culinary grade ingredients whenever possible. Each small batch is handcrafted in the southern Adirondacks. 

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