Now featuring larger stones and a softer, velvety drawstring pouch. 


Support a focus on self-care, supercharge a yoga session or kickstart intentions with this beautiful crystal set. 


Inside each set you'll find seven unique stones: 

    • Raw Amethyst Point | Enhances imagination, intuition, and passion. Activates the third eye. Supports intentions relating to creativity and the spiritual.
    • Raw Green Quartz | Stone of the heart. Encourages feelings of harmony. Supports intentions relating to balance, stability & opening the heart.
    • Raw Calcite | It soothes, enhances the expression of emotions. Supports intentions around communication and self-expression. (Please note this is technically a blue calcite specimen however this vein is extremely light-hued and may appear mostly white.)
    • Howlite | Promotes peace, calm, patience, and emotional balance. Supports intentions involving attuning and returning to center.
    • Citrine | A stone of energy, happiness, and manifestation. Encourages prosperity and good fortune. Supports intentions of joy and abundance.
    • Rose Quartz | Attracts love and compassion. A stone of unconditional love. Supports intentions involving love, kindness, and self-care.
    • Clear Quartz Point | The most versatile healing stone, amplifies intentions. Cleanses, opens, activates and aligns. Supports intentions revolving around release and clarity. Enhances the power of other stones.


    How to use crystals:

    • Use them every day during your yoga or meditation practice to infuse extra healing energy, hold over your heart while you repeat affirmations and set intentions, place them under your pillow at night to work their magic while you sleep, or keep in your purse to pull out when you need a dose of good energy. 
    • Cleanse your crystals from time to time in moonlight or on a piece of selenite to rid them of any negative vibes. 



    • A card that lists the vibrational properties of each stone as well as a suggested intention is included. 
    • Note that each set is absolutely unique--stones will vary in shape, color, and size. 
    • On average, they are 1" long but some are smaller or quite larger.  
    • Usually, all seven stones will fit in the palm of your hand and inside the 3" x 4" pouch.

    Selfcare Stones - Crystal Set

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      Intention crafts botanically based skincare and bath and body care using the finest ingredients, opting for organic or culinary grade ingredients whenever possible. Each small batch is handcrafted in the southern Adirondacks. 

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